Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Loving Her by Jenn Foor

Loving Her : Book 9 in the Mitchell Family Series


Tyler Mitchell has been called many things, but his
 favorite title will always be "Dad". 
Isabella (Izzy) was the reason he changed his 
ways and learned to be the man that he's 

For eleven years he and Miranda have lived with a lie; 

the kind that could destroy the bond between him and 

the child that he's always claimed to be his own.

An accidental encounter causes a curious young girl to 

question everything she knows. When she discovers 

how big the lie is, everything changes for this once 

picture perfect family. 

Ty and Miranda are faced with the repercussions that 

not only could alter their own relationship, but the 

future of their family as a whole. 

Can Ty and Miranda show Isabella that family is more 

than just blood?

Find out what one couple is willing to do for the people 

they love, in the 9th book of The Mitchell Family Series.

Kristy's Review

If you love The Mitchell Family series you are going to 

love Loving Her. Jennifer Foor has really out done 

herself, each book is better then the last. While I am a 

Colt girl, i do love the playful cocky Tyler. We have 

always seen a hint of the caring side of Ty in each book 

but we haven't seen Ty like this. 

Prepare yourself Jennifer Foor is about to take you on 

one hell of a roller coaster ride, I have cried, laughed, 

swooned over Colt calling me Darlin' I mean calling Van 

Darlin', but what ever. Jenn has made my heart ache for 

Tyler, she made it break, and then she shattered it and 

finally pieced it back together. 

Tyler and Miranda go through every parents worst 

nightmare, Izzy is sick and being rushed to hospital. It 

takes the doctors awhile to figure out what's wrong 

with her. When she is finally back at home and on the 

mend Ty and Miranda take a trip to Kentucky to visit 

Colt and Savanna , being around the family is just what 

they need. 

When tragedy strikes for Colt, Van and the kids, Ty tries 

to cheer them up with a gift. Little does Ty know that 

buying this gift is about to turn his and his family's life 

upside down and break him to pieces. 

Jenn's writing draws you in hook line and sinker and 

you wont want to put this down until you're finished. 

While your emotions will be put through the ringer, 

listening to the playful banter with Ty, Miranda, Colt 

and Savanna will make laugh and make you heart a 

little lighter after an intense angst story. 

I don't want to say to much more or I will spoil the 

book, so if you haven't read Loving Her start now, you 

are going to love it. 

Can't wait to read more about the Mitchell/Healy clan!

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