Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Character interview with Noah Jameson and Cooper Bradshaw from Collide by Riley Hart

Welcome everyone I am here today with Blackcreeks most handsome craftsman  Noah Jameson and fearless firefighter Cooper Bradshaw.

Hello boys welcome and take a seat.  I am very excited about this interview.
C: Did you hear that? She called me fearless. Smart lady.
N: rolls eyes Thanks for having us.

So lets kick this off.

What were you most proud of as a kid?
N: My friendship with Cooper.
C: Not to piggyback his answer, but mine is the same. I wasn’t sure how to really be proud of myself before Noah.
What do like to wear to be comfortable?
C: Nothing? Naked is preferable.
N: eyes Cooper Would you stop trying to be funny?
C: Fine. Sweats. If we have to be dressed we’ve both more comfortable in sweats or jeans.
Do you prefer Boxers or briefs
N: Boxer briefs for both of us.
What do you wear in bed (apart from a smile?)
C: looks at Noah Are we allowed to tell the truth here?
N: shakes head absolutely not. I mean, we sleep naked, but I’m sure Cooper was going to elaborate on that one.
Both men laugh
What traits do you find most admirable in each other?
N: Everything. Cooper is the best person I know. He’s fearless, and noble, and kind. And he makes me laugh.
C: leans over and kisses Noah I know it sounds cheesy but it’s the same for me. Noah is the best person I know. He’s strong, loyal, and loves with all of his heart.
What does he do to makes you laugh?
N: everything.
C: awww. Thanks.
Do you get easily embarrassed?
C: Nah. Neither of us really gets embarrassed easily.
 All couples have annoying habits (like leaving the toast crumbs in the butter!)– what’s yours?
N: Cooper’s jealousy.
C: Ah, come on. Don’t pretend you don’t like it. You’re mine and I want everyone to know it.
What scares you?
N: looks at Cooper I think for both of us it would be losing each other…losing the person we love.
C: nods
 If you had a free day with no responsibilities or chores and your only agenda for that day was to enjoy yourself, what would you do?
C: Sex. No question about it. I’d sit around the house with Noah all day. We’d eat, have sex, and then I’d watch him work in his shop. I love watching him work, and honestly, it’s relaxing for him, too.

Now Noah we all know that you are amazing with your hands (Cooper grins) but both of you, is there one skill or thing that you always wanted to do, but never got round to? (e.g. playing the piano)
        C: I'd love to be able to create some of the stuff Noah does. I'm good with my hands, but I have nothing on him.
N: We remodeled our house together. Your hands are just fine.
 What do you do to relax?
 N: Same as Coop said for our day with no responsibilities. We’d probably be naked most of the day except when we went to my shop to work.
 What music are you currently listening to?
                  N: we both like classic rock
What is your favourite type of “date” night
                C: looks at Noah I think she really wants to hear us talk about sex.
                N: Maybe that’s because sex is always on your mind!
                C: What else would we do on a date?
Both men laugh
               C: seriously though, we love to go hiking. We’d probably be out in nature somewhere just the two of us. We do that often.
 How did you celebrate your last anniversary?
N: Don’t say sex, Cooper.
Coop crosses his arms
N: We probably just spent the day together…Is it bad that I can’t remember? I just know we were with each other and we enjoyed it.
 Do you send each other text messages? Any naughty ones you’d like to tell us about?
N: Cooper is the kind of naughty text! He sent one to Braden by mistake one time telling him to be naked when he got home. Braden hasn’t let him live that one down.
 Do you have a "move" when you want to woo the other?
C: We don’t have a move…are we supposed to? I usually just say “I want you”
N: And I just tell him to take his clothes off.
C: cocky bastard. He likes that I listen to him. I don’t listen to anyone else the way I do him.
Do you take the left or right side of the bed?
C: I’m on the left, Noah the right.
What is your idea of a perfect kiss?
N: I love it when Cooper works late. I’ll be dead to the world but then his body is there and his lips are taking mine. Those are my favourite kisses.
C: looks at Noah You’re sweet.
N: Thank you.
C: I’ll kiss you like that every time I work, now.
N: you better.
Where do you like to be kissed?
C: On my body? Everywhere.
N: he likes it when I lick his collarbone.
What season do you enjoy most?
N: Summer, definitely. We like being outdoors without freezing our balls off.
If you had one special power what would it be and what would you use it for?
                  N: I dont think I'd want one.  I already have everything i need
                  C: Aww, come on.  It would be fun.  I'd like to be able to fly, even if it was only once
                  N: I'll leave the powers to Cooper
Now the holidays are coming up, Copper I know you started your “Winter wonderland themed party”  Noah I am loving the sweater by the way. But do you have any other Christmas or Holiday traditions.
C: We watch A Christmas Story together every year. I used to watch it with my parents when I was a kid.
Who does the cooking around the holidays.
N: When we cook, we usually cook together. Honestly? We order out a lot, but we’ve been cooking more. Crock pot meals are our favorite because they’re easy.
If you could have any guests for dinner at Christmas who would it be.
C: We’re easy. Just each other or our friends.
How do you open your Christmas gifts - do you shake or feel it first? Rip off the paper or unfold neatly?
N: He! points at Cooper is bad about that. I have to hide all the gifts!
Do you always know what you are going to get each other or is one of you harder to buy for or are you both equally hard (no pun intended there).
both men laugh
C: Like he said, we’re easy. We don’t need or like big things so it’s not usually hard to figure out gifts for each other.

Thank you so much for your time I have had a blast but one more question before we go.
Thanks so much for having us. It was fun!

What is the one word you would both use to describe each other?
C: Mine.
N: Everything.
C: Always trying to show me up.
N: shakes head your answer was perfect.

If you enjoyed this interview and want to know about how Noah and Cooper  got to where they are today go pick up a copy of their story ‘Collide’ written by the very fabulous Riley Hart.

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    I loved this interview so much
    Coop you crack me up lol
    Great job all

  2. I usually can't stand character interviews, but this one was nice.