Friday, October 17, 2014

Losing Forever by Megan Noelle Cover Reveal

Cover Designer: K23 Design
Photographer: Claudio Harris
Model: Ben Scott-Taylor
Hosted by: Between the Sheets Promotion


There is no such thing as a happy ending. Oh, and that saying, *love can
conquer all*?

It’s a fucking lie.

You know what really exists? Pain. Devastation. Tragedy. And a whole lot of
heartbreak. So give up before you start. When the going gets tough—you’ll
be left all alone. And if you aren’t left alone—you’ll fuck up everything
to insure you are alone.

Don’t pray for redemption.

Pray for it to all end quickly.

Do everything you can to make it go away.

Care about yourself and no one else.

Some people will say you are losing your forever. But I can’t lose what is already gone.


They say when you find your soul mate it is like finding the other half of
your heart. The void in your soul is filled and suddenly, your life has
meaning. You feel something everyone fights to feel—*complete*.




The world feels right and you realize the life you had before was shit.

What they never talk about is how fucking *worthless* you feel when it is
all gone. In the blink of an eye you could go from holding the woman of
your dreams, in your arms, on top of the world. Then, you open your eyes
and it is all gone. The world around you is crumbling. Flames quickly
engulf you and everything you cherished.

You can’t change it. Can’t stop it. You can only watch as it happens.

You watch her walk away. You hear her say goodbye. You reach out but that
beautiful woman is nothing more than a ghost of your memory.

That is when you realize everything you knew has gone.

That is when you realize you have lost your forever.

And when that happens, you have *nothing *left to live for.

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