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Restore Me By Jenn Foor blog tour with review

Title: Restore Me
Author: Jenn Foor
Book 2.5 in the Kin Series


Joey's POV during the events on Replace Me

We've heard Shayne and Lacey's side of the story, but now we get to here how Joey felt about everything that surrounded him finding love.
This isn't the exact story as you've already read, due to Joey having lots of secrets and problems to overcome.


5 Amazing Brilliant Stars!!

Do not read if you are yet to read Replace Me. 
You know when you read a really good story and it’s from the female POV and after you have finished, you wish that you could hear what the guy (who you have usually fallen in love with) in the book was thinking and feeling, well how excited do you think  we were when we heard Jenn4 was writing Joey's novella?
We are all still swooning over him (and fighting over him) after Replace Me so we were jumping for joy!!!
We couldn't wait for his POV after everything he had been through with Lacey and once again Jenn did not disappoint. 
Lacey could never understand the impact that she had over my actions. She'd restored a part of me that had been locked away. My heart.
Joey is a player he has the reputation as a ladies man. He has it sorted, a weekly schedule of girls he can toss between the sheets or other places (lol) and walk away with no strings attached. He also likes to keep a souvenir from each of his conquests, shall we say.  It's the perfect set up for him and some of the girls. Joey doesn't do relationships and frankly doesn’t want one. His mother told him never to give his heart to a girl; she would only break it…… 
Moving in to his own place next door to his cousin Ford he meets Sky's best friend Lacey. Another girl he can add to his schedule, although Lacey isn't falling for his charms that normally has the ladies swooning over him. He thinks if he can just sleep with her once he can get her out of his system.
But Lacey gets under his skin and is about to turn his life upside down...
Lacey has made Joey second guess his way of life, he wants a piece of Lacey and once he gets it he begins to deal with an internal struggle, something he has never had to do with before. He's starting to develop feelings for her; he doesn't know what to do with how he is feeling, so he keeps Lacey at arm’s length.
Joey is fighting a losing battle with himself, the feelings he has for Lacey are real, he has never opened his soul or given his heart to another women. Although he has let Lacey in, he can't tell her how he really feels with fears he has looming. 
When Lacey breaks his heart he decides to accept a job offer in Italy, Lacey has now made it clear that she doesn't want him anymore so he puts his career first.
Whilst working in Italy he has a women throwing herself at him, Joey isn't over Lacey and can't think of being with any another women. This woman is relentless and she wants Joey and is pulling out the big guns to sleep with him. Should he sleep with her for the sake of his job and to try to get over Lacey?
When Lacey appears on his doorstep in Italy Joey thinks he can finally start something real but finding a way to be together and finish off his work in Italy isn't easy. They love each other fiercely but love isn't enough, and Lacey runs home scared and cuts Joey out of her life. After a long struggle with his emotions, Joey doesn't give up and finally opens up and tells Lacey exactly how he feels but living in a different country makes having the girl you want hard.  Lacey breaking Joey's heart is the only time I (Kristy) disliked Lacey.
"I'm going to fuck up at some point, because I've got no idea how to be in relationship"
"You're doing great"
"I'm so in love with you" 
Restore Me gave us an insight into who other characters in the book were and we got an look into what went on in their lives.
Being inside Joey's head and reading what he was feeling was awesome, to see what it was like for him to change his way of life because of one woman. We saw him dealing and coming to terms with the fact that he wanted more, learning how to express his feelings and learning loss, heartbreak and love. To say we fell in love with Joey all over again is a slight understatement. We couldn't get enough and didn't want to put this book down.
Our own personal thoughts
Kristy - I loved Joey in Replace Me. Sometimes books written again from the males POV are hard to connect with, it feels like you are reading the exact same book. Restore Me did not feel that way, I felt like I was reading a completely different book, I had some insight to who the characters were. I loved being inside Joey's head and reading what he was feeling. Seeing what it was like for him to change his way of life with women, dealing and coming to terms with the fact that he wanted more, learning how to express his feelings and learning loss, heartbreak and love. I fell in love with Joey all over again. I couldn't get enough and didn't want to put this book down once I started. 
Catherine - I loved Joey in Replace Me and in this book, finding out his thoughts and feelings and the emotional fight he had with himself made me want to have his babies!!!!
I loved this book, maybe more than Replace Me?!?! Maybe it's cause it's from the guys POV, I don't know but what I do know is that I can't wait for more from this series! Jenn rocks!
Kayla - I fell in love with Joey in Replace Me, yes he seemed cocky and so sure of himself but I always thought deep down there had to be something we were not getting from him. He was scared to have a relationship, to fall in love. He had seen how it had affected so many of his family members. When he opened up to Lacey and did manage to tell her how he felt he didn't hold back. 
Emma – Joey Joey Joey I was routing for him In Replace Me but reading his thoughts and feelings in this book I fell in love even more.  A player who never wanted to settle down we read about it all the time but this felt different to me, I loved how in this book he was really fighting with himself over and over but once he gave in omg was it electric.
Think it’s safe to say that we can't wait to get our hands on Remember Me. 
Combined review by Catherine, Kristy, Emma and Kayla from Six Chicks and Their Love of Books


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