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Crush Series by Lacey Weatherford Blog Tour with review

Crush by Lacey Weatherford
Book 1 - Crush Series

Cami Wimberley has a plan, and that plan includes no room for boys—especially the big time party animal, Hunter Wilder, no matter how handsome and charismatic he is. She’s beautiful, a senior, extremely talented, gets good grades, and is working her way toward her dream college to be a musical theater major. Everything is perfect.

Hunter Wilder does not want a girlfriend—that would complicate his life way too much right now. He especially doesn’t want this girl, Miss-Goody-Two-Shoes, so how come he can’t keep his eyes off her? He tries to keep her at arms length, but fate seems to keep pushing them together. Before long, it’s obvious to everyone they’re crushing on each other. 

As sparks begin to fly, Hunter finds himself sinking deeper and deeper into hot water. Soon he’s scrambling to keep Cami from discovering his dark secret—one that can destroy their entire relationship.


Smitten by Lacey Weatherford
Book 2 - Crush Series

Life is good. Cami is away at her dream college with her dream man by her side. She thinks if she can just get through with meeting Hunter’s family that everything will be perfect. Little does she know that life’s about to turn upside down again when Hunter is called to infiltrate a gang whose specialty is chopping and racing cars. His contact happens to be a beautiful curvy girl who is the gang leader’s sister and he has to pose as her boyfriend. Communication with Cami is basically forbidden to help keep his cover.

Hunter, however, can’t stand being away from the girl he really loves, and he sneaks away one night to meet her across town. He doesn’t know the gang leader, Ripper, has suspicions about him already and he’s following him to see where he goes. He surprises Hunter and Cami, and Hunter quickly introduces her as his foster sister who is having some car trouble. He thinks all is well until he discovers he has one serious problem. Ripper likes Cami and decides to pursue her, drawing her into the same dangerous world he’s supposed to bring down.

Can he keep his cover without having Cami get caught in the crossfire? Will the two of them survive having to watch each other fake it in the arms of another? Or will their hot stolen kisses destroy everything?


Love by Lacey Weatherford
Book 3 - Crush Series

Living happily ever after has always been part of the plan for Cami and Dylan, but when strange things begin happening around the Wilcock household, Cami simply believes she’s becoming forgetful. 

However, when the incidents begin to escalate, both are left feeling vulnerable. Unable to figure out what’s going on, Dylan delves deeper into the mysterious happenings. But when the truth comes out, he finds himself faced with the biggest decision of his life—how far will he go to protect the one he loves?


My Review
WOW!!!!! This has got to be my favorite book in the Crush series. Lacey certainly took us on a wild ride ride with this one. This book had suspense that kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time and I love that! But what I loved most about this book is that Cami and Dylan never lost who they are as a couple. Through all the trials and tribulations that they faced in this book, their love and dedication for one another never faltered.

When we left Cami and Dylan in Smitten, Cami is pregnant and Dylan has left the police force to work as a fire fighter/paramedic. When strange things start happening, Cami attributes it to pregnancy forgetfulness. Dylan's years on the police force and gut instincts tell him otherwise. After the first incident Dylan is on high alert, but even that doesn't prevent their lives from being sent into a tailspin of drama, turning their once pleasant lives upside down.

I cant say to much about the events of the story because I dont want to give anything away, but the plot of the story was never lacking. I read it in one sitting! It was action packed and filled with suspense and angst that kept me turning the pages. And the last 10%, holy hell I didnt see that coming. Underneath all of the suspense, the undeniable love and affection that Cami and Dylan have for each other was at it's highest in all of the series. Dylan is the perfect husband. Definitely swoonworthy in my book. Cami is a strong heroine and I love that about her. Even when i expected her to crumble under the weight of their circumstances she proved me wrong and stood stronger than ever before. And then there was Russ, Dylan's best friend and fellow fire fighter. He really added some light to the story and was easy to fall in love with. Im so glad he is getting his own book!

This book was an emotional one...I shed more than my fair share of tears. My heart was ripped out and at one point I wondered how Cami and Dylan could survive all they have been through. Lacey did a phenomenal job with this story. The suspense was killer in this one, but the little bits of humor and unyielding love demonstrated by Cami and Dylan combined to make this book an easy 5 star read for me. Bravo, Lacey! Looking forward to your next book!


She lifted one and studied it with a small smile before reaching
 for the next one in the pile. “These are really good, Hunter. You’re quite the photographer.” I held still, my heart racing, knowing if she continued far enough she’d see what I’d been doing. I would totally come off as the jealous boyfriend—something I didn’t want at all. She made her way through until she reached the images that were facing down. “Those are the bad ones,” I said, moving to stop her. “I’m just going to put them in the shredder.” “Don’t do that.” She placed her hand over mine, stilling me. “Let me see them first. All the others were so good.” I was desperate, racking my brain for a way to distract her from continuing. “Cami . . . ,” I let my voice trail off, and she glanced up at me expectantly. “Yes?” I closed my eyes for a second. “Forgive me,” I whispered when I looked at her again. I grabbed her cheeks and pressed my lips to hers. Sparks exploded at the simple contact between us, and I found myself sliding my hands down to her shoulders so I could pull her closer. I wrapped both of my arms around her back and pressed against her, walking slowly forward until she was pinned against the door. Her fingers move upward, locking around behind my neck. She opened her mouth, allowing me access, and I happily invaded, licking and tasting what she offered. It was heaven. She made a soft moaning sound in the back of her throat—or maybe it was me—I wasn’t sure anymore as her hands made their way up into my hair, digging in as she kept me pulled tightly to her. My palms moved lower, cupping her bottom and lifting so she could wrap her legs around me. She did so as if she’d done it a thousand times before, and I moved to trail kisses across her face and down her neck. She tossed her head back, arching. “Finally,” she breathed out as her hands traveled over me.

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