Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lustly by Jenn Foor Release blitz with review and giveaway

Congrats & Happy Release to Jennifer Foor! 
Lustly is LIVE!

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LILY ROSS was born to be a mother. Her three kids mean everything to her, and she strives to provide them with the best life. She thinks life is perfect, until she catches her husband red-handed in a hot affair with her next door neighbor. Coming to grips that her life is about to change, LILY realizes that she’s stuck, having no job or means to leave. She also knows that he’d never let her take the kids from him, without a fight, in which she’d just lose.

After meeting a very rich and elusive woman, Lily is introduced to a world she never thought she'd be a part of. Out of desperation, she does the unthinkable.

Drastic times call for drastic measures.

Find out what LILY is willing to do in this steamy novella.


Excerpt: Lustly

I felt his hands touching my abdomen and rising up the skin between my breasts. He never touched them, but moved slowly up my neck, then my chin, finally stopping at my lips. His mouth went up to my ear and I heard him whispering.

“Say you’re mine.”

This was some kind of role play. Obviously we both knew that I didn’t belong to him, except one day a week between the hours of ten and twelve.

“I’m yours.”

His lips brushed over mine, so slowly. At first he played with my mouth, kissing each lip separately. As I began to reciprocate, our movements intensified. We went from being side to side to me climbing on top of him. He was fully clothed, yet I was stark naked. I’d decided that between Frankie and Eli’s kissing I preferred slow and passionate, over fast and forceful. I couldn’t remember the last time Charlie had made me hot between the legs from only kisses, but that’s exactly what was happening to me. I could feel the fire igniting, and knew that even without seeing this man’s face, I could enjoy his company. I began rocking my body over his. His hands grabbed the cheeks of my ass and stopped me from moving. Then he pushed me away from kissing him. “Stop,” he whispered.
I could feel his stiff erection pressing against his pants that I sat on top of. I knew it was there. I moved my body again over top of it. “I know you want me. I can feel it pressing on my pussy. Your kisses make me crazy,” I admitted.
I felt his hand touching me between my legs. Vigorously, he began rubbing my clit. My body started to grind over his and I cried out only moments later in sheer bliss. A loud groan escaped him when he realized that he’d got me off so quickly.

 My Review:
First off we love how Lustley is written! It’s written as if our heroine is 
catching us up on what’s been happening over a coffee. Lustley had us often 
laughing out loud. We loved this hot steamy erotic novella. 

Lily takes pride in being a mum; she loves every minute of the busy chaos. 
Forgetting shin pads for one of her daughter’s soccer games, Lily dashes home 
only to have her world destroyed. Her once perfectfamily has been destroyed.

"Utter shock.
You name it, and I was feeling it."

How do you deal with this? Your heart is broken yet you want to keep face for 
your children. Unlike other women in her situation she wanted revenge and a plan 
on how to move forward without disrupting her kid’s life, this would take time.

Meeting Cybil while at the salon. Lily has never met someone so forward. She 
gives Lily some advice and makes Lily question herself, her situation and life 
going forward. Surely meeting this women couldn't hurt, she was offering her a 
chance. But at what cost...

With such a big decision to make, will make the call, or will she remain where 
she is?
Kristy and I (Kayla) wanted to leave this review very open. Normally we delve 
into the story and give teasers and much more information. As this is a novella, 
we decided that keeping it short and sweet would also not give away too much . 
We hope you enjoy Lustly as much as we did. 

Author Information
Jennifer Foor

Jennifer Foor is an award winning Contemporary Romance Author. She's best known for the Mitchell Family Series, which includes ten books.
She is married with two children and spends most of her time behind a keyboard, writing stories that come from her heart.

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