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Protecting Lyndley by Amanda Bennett blog tour with review

Protecting Lyndley (US Marshal Series #1) by Amanda Bennett

My name is Lyndley, or Sarah I suppose, depending on who you ask. My once amazing dream of a life had all been taken away from me one tragic night. A night that I wouldn’t soon forget. I knew my job was a dangerous one, but it never crossed my mind that one day it could all just disappear right before my eyes. Now I was trapped in a never-ending nightmare and living a life that was no longer my own. At least I wasn’t completely alone, but Ky Wakely was the kind of man that made you wish you were. Sure he was easy on the eyes, but everything else about that man drove me utterly insane. I suppose every dream comes with a price, but when it’s your life, was it a price I was willing to pay?

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I never imagined my life turning out the way it had thus far. Life can be a tricky road to navigate. Unfortunately, I had to find that out the hard way. I never took for granted the things I had or the people that completed my life, until the day I was forced to abandon everything.
I wish I could tell you that I was at least happy to be alive and well, but I would be lying. I missed my family and friends terribly, but to keep them safe this was what had to be done, for now. At least I wasn’t alone in the situation, but I almost think being alone would be better than the hell I was currently living in.
Author Bio:
Amanda currently lives in Utah with her many men (her husband, two little boys, and two dogs). She is an avid San Francisco 49ers and Dexter fan. In high school she developed a love for writing and storytelling, and in the past couple years has made it her passion as she just released her ninth book.

My Review:
We are huge fans of Amanda Bennett's writing and this book did not disappoint. Told in dual POV we are taken on a journey of two strangers thrown together. 

Lyndley is working on the notorious Nelson's Brothers case. Every person involved in the case was assigned a Detective to watch over them. Lyndley and her best friend Reese had been working late one night when tragedy struck. In a few short hours Lyndley's life had changed, her life as she knows it is gone, done, finished. 

US Marshal Ky Wakley and his sexy alpha male fine ass has been assigned a new case, to act as the husband to a lady who was wanted dead. Annoyed, he now has to pack up and move to New York as well as take a witness to a safe house, and act as this chicks husband. Could his life suck anymore right now?

For Ky Wakley it is to protect Lyndley at all costs. Problem is letting go of your life and what you've always known is hard, it would put anyone in a mood. Moving forward while trying to stay alive and with a person who gets on your nerves adds for an interesting relationship. 
We love the annoying, fun, stirred up banter between Lyndley and Ky. 

When Lyndley and Ky meet for the first time things don't go so smoothly and they are on the run and on the road before they know it. Over the next twelve hours rather than get to know one another and find some common ground, they shit stir each other to know end.

"You're a real treat, you know that"
"So I've been told"

Ky and Lyndley now otherwise known as Ky and Sarah Parker have moved into a upscale neighborhood in New York. With the two posing as a married couple and a clear distaste for each other already, it's going to be one interesting ride. Can these two get past their annoyance for one another to survive?

"I guess if there was going to be peace in our household, then I needed to stop being such a prick. Now all I needed was for her to stop being such a bitch".

(I'm sorry let me (Kristy) wipe the drool from my chin, Ky wet, naked, gorgeous body, surely Sarah can survive living with this gorgeous piece of a man)

Day one in their new lives and it goes without a hitch, just as these two seem like they are getting along one of them says something to have the other second guessing they are more than just a 'job'. The tension between these two is running high, the back and forth banter with each other keeps you hanging. One minute they like each the next they piss each other off, then they get close to one another and then one pulls away. The sexual tension is at an all time HIGH, you can feel how strong it is between the two. 

Kristy - I loved the banter and sexual tension building between these too. 

Dressed to impress for Ky's work function both are taken aback with how HOT the other looks! This is going to make for an interesting night. Playing the perfect couple at Ky's work even these two look like a happily in love married couple, it's been a perfect night...

That is until someone catches up with Lyndley when Ky isn't around. Things go horribly wrong Ky and Lyndley are on the run and heading to yet another safe house. After having a perfect night with an attentive Ky, Lyndley is surprised he is back to his asshat self again. She is relieved to see they have arrived at their new safe house, a ranch in the middle of nowhere with a handsome cowboy. Things could be looking up for Lyndley. 

Ky's past is holding him back from showing Lyndley what he feels for her, he needs to keep her at an arm’s length, she is just a job, she has to be, why hasn't his heart caught up with his brain?

Enter Ruger the handsome cowboy. He is there to help them at their next safe house. Seeing the sexual tension between Lyndley and Ky, Ruger lets Lyndley know that Ky really isn't a bad guy he just has a bad past.
Ky is desperate to keep his feelings hidden, he believes he is not good enough for Lyndley.
Going through every emotion is slowly breaking Lyndley. She’s alone; Ky is pushing and pulling her. There is only one way to find out why Ky keeps treating her so hot and cold, she needs to ask him and find out the answers for herself. 

"Are you sure you really want to know, everything?"
She was now facing me, her hands coming up and cradling my face in them. "I've never been more sure of nothing in my life".

Is Lyndley going to be able to handle Ky's secrets? Or is it enough for her to let Ky think of her to be just a job?

Lyndley has taken Ky's secrets in her stride, the chemistry continues to build and build and when these two come together they are meant to be. Finding lust and love with one another is not going to be easy when it’s Ky's job to protect Lyndley. Just when they think things have died down and starting to feel like life is normal, all hell breaks loose. The suspense will keep you wondering what will happen next.

Could their feelings for one another get in the way of the threat towards Lyndley?

Kristy – I loved this line from Lyndley. The emotion pouring from her made me want to reach through and hug her. "In the short amount of time that I had know him, I had fallen for him with one hundred percent of my heart every ounce of me yearned to feel his arms wrapped tightly around me"

Kayla - "She brings out a part of me that I had been burying deep inside for far too long. I guess I just don't think it's fair to make her feel like she needs to fix me."

We LOVE Amanda Bennett's writing, Protecting Lyndley is the first installment in the US Marshall Series and this book blew us both away.

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