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Love Survives by Jennifer Foor Release Day Blitz


Imagine being in love with the same girl since you were ten years old, only to have her fall for your twin instead. This story is rocky.
It will rip you apart and possibly put you back together again.
I know this because it's my story.

The pain and anguish experienced in this is what it was like to hold onto hope that some day we'd find each other again.  I won't sugar coat the details of what I went through to have her, nor will I apologize for any actions that led me right back into her life.

Sometimes love isn't enough.
Sometimes it takes a little fate.

I can’t help but wonder about my own broken heart. Why am I holding onto some hope that I’ll have her in my arms again? It makes no sense, and that’s the reason I won’t share my feelings about it with anyone. They’ll just laugh at me for loving her so much. When I close my eyes we’re together. She’s running through a field of tall grasses, while beams of sun are shining down, highlighting her brown wavy hair. The smile on her face makes me beam, and I stand there, arms open, waiting to catch her when she comes into my reach. I want to lay there in that field with her until the sun sets, and even after. It’s no longer about making love. In that moment I know she’s mine, and nothing can tear us apart again. 

I just wish I could talk to her. I want to tell her that I miss her. I need to know she’s okay.

I need to know she’s still alive.


Kristy and Kayla's 5 Star Review
Jennifer Foor made us fall in love with Brooks Valentine in Loves Suicide. Katy and Brooks story was heartbreakingly beautiful. We were ecstatic when we heard Jenn was writing Love Survives, told in Brooks' POV, we were dying and hoping that one day Jenn would give us his story.

We don't know how it was possible for Jenn to make us fall even more in love with Brooks but she did. The pain, loss and love just radiates through Brooks. If you thought Loves Suicide touched your heart, be prepared to have your heart hurt while you feel all the emotions that Brooks go through. Love Survives surpassed our expectations and then some. Loves Suicide is one of our all time favourite books but it has just been knocked off by Love Survives.

Love Survives is not a complete retelling of the first book, being in Brooks' POV we get to see what he went through while being away from Katy and his family for 2 years.

Sometimes love isn't enough.
Sometimes it takes a little fate, some bad experiences, and a lot of time.

Brooks' heart was broken, the one girl he loved since he was young and had given his heart to was in love with his twin brother. Branch stopped at nothing to prevent the love between Brooks and Katy ever evolving. Not willing to sit by and watch his brother with the other half of his heart in a relationship, he enlists in the army. It's not easy walking away from the person who your heart belongs to; but your heart can only take so much heartache and Brooks can't take much more.

"I literally needed to walk away from my family so that they could be happy. It was the only way; the only choice I could make. I loved her enough to let her go; to give up hope on us ever being together."

Going through training and then being deployed we get to see no scratch that we were able to feel what Brooks was going through, with his mind focused on the task in front of him his mind is constantly wandering back to Katy and how she is.

"I’m better off gone, because another day, week or month in this place is going to rip me apart until there’s nothing left."

Kristy - I have to say one of my favourite parts of this book was reading Brooks' journals and letters to Katy.

Brooks reconnects with Katy through letters, those letters giving him hope and strength he needs to get through this deployment. When he returns home he discovers the biggest surprise of all. Once again there is something in the way of these two being together. Seeing each other again though is electrifying, their connection and pull towards each other is indescribable.

"I don’t want to be your friend, because I need more than that. Open your eyes woman. I want to be your everything. I always have.”

When life finally lets these two become one, it's not as easy as it should be, they do have obstacles to overcome. These two have loved each other since they were kids, together their strength, love and devotion surely they can conquer what comes their way together.

"I’ve made a ton of mistakes, but there’s one thing that I’ve done right in my life, and that’s loving you. Brooks"

Love Survives is one of those books you want to continue to talk about in a review, we could both sit here all day giving you a play by play and sharing so many of the lines we just adored in this book. It's books like this that make us glad we have each other to read with, we are extremely fortunate enough to have beta read this amazing book and let us tell you it was not an easy thing to do. There were so many times we were messaging each other in tears over particular chapters. It felt like life went on hold while we were reading this book, we were so wrapped up in this amazing story, Brooks feelings and devotion for Katy was miraculous.

Kayla- I never at any point in the book felt like I had already read it; even though I knew what was coming and how it ended I still felt like I was experiencing a new book. That proves how talented Jenn is at what she does.

"I felt like it was a miracle; like you’d come back from the dead to save me from myself.”

*Review by Kristy and Kayla

Get the beginning of the story with Love Survives

My heart belonged to Branch and Brooks Valentine since we were children, when we were all too naïve to know what that even meant. We didn’t understand that when we became adults, love would change us. I had to make a choice and when I did, it ripped our bond apart. Brooks left town, and he took half of my heart with him. It was difficult, but I coped and planned my future with Branch. I thought I’d made the right decision. I loved him and I always had.

Brooks showed up to be our best man the night before our nuptials. After drinks and too much reminiscing, I ended up in bed with the wrong brother. To avoid the humiliation and the fact that I’d ruined all of our lives, I left Branch and the only family I’d ever known.

That’s where my story should have ended.

Two years, one beautiful little girl and an abusive marriage later, I was standing there staring at the man that would always hold my heart.

The only question was…

Would I give it to him

I’m Katy Michaels and this is my story. 

Jennifer Foor is an award winning Contemporary Romance Author. She's best known for the Mitchell Family Series, which includes ten books.
She is married with two children and spends most of her time behind a keyboard, writing stories that come from her heart. 

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