Saturday, August 30, 2014

Feeling the Moment by P.J. Beldon Review

Feeling The Moment by P.J Belden 

4 Stars!

You will be feeling the moment. 

Kim Rose hasn't had the easiest start to life, living on the streets from a very early age she knew she couldn't rely on anyone but herself.  Trying to get through Kim keeps to herself, she helps out at a shelter and works at the hospital as a cleaner. The job suits her, she can keep to herself, she does what she needs to do and goes home, she's not there to make friends.

One night working at the hospital a patient says hello, River is about to change Kim's life in more ways than one.
River and Kim become fast friends and Kim shocks herself by going on a short holiday with River. Not having any friends, she never talks about her life or what she's been through.
Time away in a secluded place with River she finds herself opening up and talking about her past, hoping that River won't run the other way. Kim's past makes River realise how much of a strong women she is. Dare to say it but these two are falling in love. But it only takes one moment for things to come crashing down.
While on the outside it looks like River has it all together memories of his past are far from pretty... River is forced to come clean about his family and what he has been through over the last five months. These secrets are enough that he may lose his one and only love, his secret is one of Kim's deal breakers.

Congratulations on another amazing book PJ!


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