Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Isabella by Jennifer Foor release blitz with review

One year ago Isabella Mitchell moved to Kentucky to live with her cousin Noah. Like her mother at her age, Isabella is drawn to men she shouldn't be with. When she travels back to North Carolina to see her parents, she and her ex have a one-night stand. She knows they are through, but sometimes what happens in the bedroom doesn't always stay in the bedroom. 

Eight weeks later Isabella finds out she’s pregnant. She can’t tell anyone, because she knows how upset they’ll be. While struggling with decisions, Isabella catches the attention of the mysterious Rusty Tillman, a ranch hand for the Mitchell family. He’s handsome, hardworking, and ten years older. When Isabella refuses him, he takes it upon himself to claim the child as his own. Since she doesn’t want the family knowing the real father she goes along with the lie. The only problem is that Rusty wants more. 

Can Isabella open her heart to a new love, or will she go back to the only man she’s ever loved?


My Review

Jennifer Foor has really blown us away! What a beautiful, emotional story. It 
seemed so real, like we were right there with them while there story unfolded. 

Isabella and Rusty are two broken people on their own paths of self discovery. 
When their lives collide they not only end up mending each other's hearts but 
they both learn to open up to we love again. 

Isabella moved back to Kentucky to live with Noah and Shalan after she was left 
heartbroken by her boyfriend, Tate. Bella and Noah have been more like brother 
and sister than cousins. He is very protective of her, arguing with him over her 
ex is making life even harder. She knows Noah is just trying to protect her. 
Tate has her heart and has for years, getting over him is hard when she is still 
in love with him. How do you fall out of love with someone who has your heart?

When Isabella meets Rusty her life has been shattered. She not only has a broken 
heart to deal with, but a life altering decision that sends her in a tail spin. 
Realising there is more to Rusty then meets the eye she discovers she can 
sympathise with him. To add to the broken heart, she is fighting an internal 
struggle with herself, her heart wants one thing, her mind is saying it's a bad 
idea and her body is making the decisions. Life is kicking her while she is 
down, but there is light at the end of the tunnel but getting there is never 

Rusty is carrying secrets from a life he wants to leave behind him, he's trying 
to start a new life, a fresh start in Kentucky on The Mitchell Family Ranch. 
Seeing this tight knit family makes him crave and wonder, will he ever have 
that? Keeping his secrets is the one thing keeping others at arms length and is 
holding him back from letting people in and seeing who he really is. 

Rusty is a ranch hand, he is mysterious, quiet and has secrets locked away which 
makes his demeanour come across creepy.  Working on the ranch has given him a 
fresh start in life. Only problem is Isabella reminds him of a life he once had, 
the one he is trying to forget. There is something else about her, that keeps 
him wanting to know more...

"She was about to see the real me.
She’d know my secrets.
She’d know my pain.
And she’d know why I had to leave it all behind."

When you least expect it life throws you a lifeline. When you are broken, lost 
and confused you can be closed off and blind to what's in front of you. 
Sometimes what you want and need is right there whether you want to admit it or 

Will these secrets Isabella and Rusty are keeping, stop them from being true to 
themselves and each other? Or will opening up and confiding in one another lead 
them to what they both crave and desire?

We are loving this series and can't wait to see who's book is next in the 
Mitchell Healy series.

Jennifer Foor is an award winning Contemporary Romance Author. She's best known for the Mitchell Family Series, which includes ten books.
She is married with two children and spends most of her time behind a keyboard, writing stories that come from her heart. 


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