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Interview with Eliza and Stefanos from TL Smith's Take Over Series

We were very excited when TL Smith asked us if we wanted an exclusive interview with Eliza and Stefanos. We have to admit we were slightly intimidated and maybe a bit scared by this power couple.  How could you not be, one wrong question and we could have become friends with Eliza's favourite possession!


Hi Eliza, Stefanos, thank you taking the time to meet with us today. We have some questions we have been dying to ask you, well dying is probably not the best word to use here....

Stefanos raises his eyebrows and gives the girls his money maker smile. Eliza watches Stefanos and smirks at him.

Ok where to start...

SixChicks: Both of you were content with having someone, anyone to satisfy your high sexual appetites. Neither of you did love or relationships, what made you want to have more with one another?
Eliza -- Like I got a choice in the matter, have you met him. (She says pointing to Stefanos, to which he is smirking)
Stefanos -- Thats simple, she quitens the voices. Plus she is fucking great in bed.

SixChicks: Stefanos, you haven't had an easy life do you think what happened with your father shaped you into the person you are today?
Yes and No, I think we all take charge on how we come up in the world. He may have pushed me more into being more protective. (Smile gone as he talks about his father)

SixChicks: Eliza, How does it feel knowing you are the most feared women in the underworld?
Well that's my plan now isn't it, I dont take shit from no one. My father has taught me well. Though it does come with the bad, but I have a whole lot of good as well.

SixChicks: Stefanos, trusting other people isn't easy for you, what was it about Kontos that made you feel like you could completely trust him?
Kontos is a no bullshit man -- I liked that about him… I knew he would give it to me straight and not f*ck me over. So that is how he gained my respect and trust.

SixChicks: Eliza, Being a gorgeous women in a mans line of work people tend to underestimate you and more than likely learn the hard way. Were you always so ruthless and cutthroat or was it your line of work that "made" you who you are? 
Stefanos -- You hitting on my chick? *raised eyebrows*
SixChicks: Just stating the obvious, are you feeling a little left out? You're not bad on the eye either Stefanos!
*Stefanos still has his eyebrows raised and smiles*
Eliza -- Ignore this fool *points next to Stefanos* I would say yes, I have always been a fighter. It's something I was good at. My father didn't want me in this life. But once I was in there, there was no denying how good I was at it.

SixChicks: What's the one thing you love most about each other?
*Eliza turns her body sideways so she is facing Stefanos, his lips quirk up looking at her*
Stefanos -- That mouth, have you seen that mouth,*he says reaching up placing his thumb on her lips* oh and those legs, could have them wrapped around me for days.
Eliza -- Probably the way he loves, its hard… you know? *She says as Stefanos pulls her to his lap*.
SixChicks: Definitely, the love like he has for you is certainly one of a kind.

SixChicks: Eliza, Do Stefanos's domineering ways ever become overbearing?
Eliza - He tries, got to give him credit there, but he knows who the boss is. *She says smiling at him*
SixChicks: *Kristy and Kayla both laugh* So you're the boss at work and he is the boss in the bedroom?
Eliza -- He thinks he is, I like to think I am in both aspects.
*Stefanos grunts at her*
Stefanos -- Please, would you like me to not let you orgasm next time.
*Eliza raises eyebrows at him*

SixChicks: Stefanos, When Eliza has her mind made up about something she is quite domineering. Does that piss you off or does it turn you on?
Stefanos - Everything she does is a turn on, but yes it does piss me off. And for that I will tie her to the bed and spank her ass.
SixChicks: Did it get hot in here all of a sudden

SixChicks: The chemistry between you both is freaking HOT, what is it about one another that you can't get enough of?
Eliza -- His dick *She says reaching for it*
Stefanos -- Next question, you ladies don't have long before I take her to bed, or here in front of you.
SixChicks: It's Definitely hot in here

SixChicks: Stefanos, You are very protective and passionate about those closest to you. Where do you think it comes from considering you basically had no parents growing up?
Stefanos -- I had one person to look after, and she was my world. I wasn't a man to let people in because in the end that means more suffering. Though some make their own way into the heart without you even knowing. *Leaning down to kiss Eliza’s neck*

SixChicks: Eliza: Your revenge on Naoko didn't seem like enough after what she did to you. Why did you let her off so easy?
Eliza -- I blame pregnancy, so really I blame him. *Points to Stefanos to which his sexy ass smirk has returned*

SixChicks: Rock is such a quiet introverted person, what is he like when you get to know him?
Eliza -- You mean he is a grunt machine *LOL*
Stefanos -- Matt is very quiet, quieter then most. As well as very deadly. But a man you can trust if he gives it to you.
SixChicks: We love the way you G him up Eliza.
Eliza -- I enjoy it too, he is so much fun to play with.

SixChicks: Stefanos, How would you feel if Cassandra began a relationship with Rock?
Stefanos - Next question *crosses arms against chest*
SixChicks: Don't you want your sister to be happy, to have what you have with Eliza?
Eliza -- If he could keep her in bubble wrap that is where she would be right now. *hmphh Stefanos agrees*

SixChicks: Eliza, How does it feel finding out you have a sister? Are you worried that she will come in between the close bond you have with your father?
Eliza -- Nothing can come between Father and I, we will just find a way to fit her in. It was more of a shock to find out I had a sister that I never knew about. She is growing on me, she just needs to learn to stop letting her pussy talk.

SixChicks: Eliza, You and Hunter were together for awhile, he wanted more but his lifestyle wasn't for you. Was it just his lifestyle that kept you from committing to him?
Stefanos -- Next question
Eliza -- Ignore him, no it wasnt. I had feelings for him but they were nothing compared to what this Greek God here makes me feel.
Stefanos - That’s right Princess. *says smirking at Eliza*

SixChicks: Stefanos, What is it about Hunter that makes you see red when he is with Eliza, apart from the fact he calls her Kalon, even though you know she wouldn't stray?
Stefanos -- He has had something that was mine, plus he is a smart ass that needs his head punched in or maybe shot.

SixChicks: Congratulations! You've not long had a baby, has the birth of Damianos changed your relationship in anyway?
*All smiles return and Eliza curls into Stefanos*
Stefanos -- The sex was on hold for a good month, so other than blue balls. No.
Eliza - Stefanos is more bosier.

SixChicks: Eliza, Do you think being a mother has changed you in anyway?
Eliza - I could lie and say no, but most mothers would know I am lying. A child changes you no matter who you are, and my little man is the centre of my world.
Stefanos - She actually takes less shit, cause she is in a rush to get home. So as you can imagine, business is booming *LOL*

SixChicks: Stefanos, What type of father do you think you will be considering you never had one as a role model?
Stefanos - I will be the very best my little man needs, I may have had a fucked up childhood. But my little man will have everything he needs with unconditional love.
*Eliza grabs hold of his hand and squeezes*

SixChicks: Are there anymore children on the cards in the future?
Eliza -- *Death stares the girls* Hell no!
Stefanos -- I’m working on it *Eliza goes to stand and is pulled back down*

SixChicks: Have either of you regretted anything you have ever done in your line of work?
Eliza - Nope
Stefanos - No

Thank you for answering our questions today, we certainly enjoyed meeting you both.
Kristy & Kayla


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