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Author Spotlight~Michelle Lynn~ review and giveaway


The Invisibles Series

Dont Let Go (book 1)


Let Me In (book 2)

Let Me Love (book 3)

My 5 Star review of Let Me Love

Let Me Love is the third book in the Invisibles series. I read this book on a recommendation knowing that it was part of a series but that it COULD be read as a standalone. After finishing this book I ran over to amazon to buy the first two in the series all the while kicking myself in the ass for not reading these books sooner. Michelle Lynn is an author that EVERYONE should give a chance. I can promise that you wont be disappointed.

From the emotional prologue that had tears streaming down my face, you know right away that this book would be an emotional journey. Let Me Love is a story of fate, love, loss, strength, and growth. 

Trey lives a carefree life as a rockstar drummer with a different girl every night of the week. Love failed him once and he never wants to experience that heartbreak again. That combined with life changing decision made years ago that still haunts him and its no wonder that Trey doesn't want "more". Until he sees her....

“You’re everything…everything I didn’t know I wanted, but everything I’ve needed.’”

Kailey is a young college student that has experienced more loss and heartache than anyone her age should have to endure. Now she is preparing herself for yet another blow with the impeding death of her best friend and sister, Jen.

Kailey and Trey meet on a plane headed to Colorado for spring break. Kailey knows exactly who Trey. She has every intention on having a little bit of fun with Trey and then moving on with her life. But one look at Kailey and Trey knows....she just may be the one that makes him change his playboy ways. Kailey wants no strings attached but Trey isn't giving up without a fight....

The love, dedication, and determination Trey shows to not only Kailey, but her family as well, is beautiful and inspiring. I was rooting for Trey the whole way, especially when Kailey put her shoes on and took off running...over and over again. The chemistry between them is palpable, undeniable. This story contains plot twist after plot twist that you never see coming. That one at the end....WOW. I read a lot, so when another can get me with a twist thats comes out of left and you never see it coming...that's a winner in my book.

This is a heartbreakingly beautiful story that will stay with you long after you turned the last page. Michelle's characters are so well developed and you just cant help but fall in love with them. An easy 5 star read that i highly recommend!


Before I know what’s happening he’s shuttling me out the room, instructing Caden’s parents to take over.  He opens a door into a private room, shutting and locking it behind us.  Walking me over to a couch. Never letting go of his hold on me, he sits down on the older couch, cradling me in his lap. His strong arms are wrapped tightly around me.  He holds me close as I continue to crumble, soaking his nice blue button down with my tears.  He’s patient and kind, allowing me to release the wave of grief that I’ve been straining to hide.
My body calms, my shutters stop, and my sobs turn to trickling tears. My finger traces his tattoos while my head lays against his chest. I should’ve predicted he’d have this effect, he’s always had a comforting presence to me. He doesn’t mention anything about our fight or me not answering his phone calls.  All of our problems are pushed aside, so we can deal with the fog of death that surrounds us now.
I hurriedly stand, straightening my dress after I release myself from the comfort of Trey’s love. Following me to the door, his steps echo through the small space.  He grabs my wrist to hold me in place. I sigh. “Trey, I need to get back out there,” I tell him, but he pulls me closer.
“They can wait five minutes, Kailey.  Please, let me be there with you,” he begs, already knowing my heart is lost in some dark tunnel without a flicker of light. It’s wounded and broken, so my brain has taken over, translating to me pushing everyone out.
“Trey, thank you for coming, but you can leave now,” I say coldly with no emotion.  He can’t be tied down with me, he needs to go and live a life I can no longer be a part of. 
“No, Kailey, I’m not leaving.” He stands firm, planting his feet. Uncontrollable anger starts brewing in my veins.  I’m mad he won’t listen to me and just disappear. Can’t he see it’s the best for him to forget us?
My hand rests on the lock; ready to twist it open when he steps forward. He turns me around to face him and cages me between his arms against the door. “Trey,” I argue, but he presses his lips to mine and an immediate raging desire seeps into my every pore. As much as my body screams to him, anger still lingers that he’s forcing me to be callous and cruel.
He places his hands on either side of my face, continuing to kiss me as though he’s starving for only my mouth. Instinctively, the irrational, live life in the moment Kailey that he easily pries out of me appears. Something only my sister and her family could accomplish until he came into my life. “Please,” he whispers, and my body starts to sway in his strong hold, as he travels his lips over to my earlobe and down my throat.
“Stop it, Trey, leave me alone,” I cruelly spout, placing my hands on his chest, trying to push him back, but he only grips tighter.
“You know you don’t want me to.” He trusts his keen instincts because they’re usually always right when it comes to me.
Trying to close myself off, I press my lips together when his graze across mine again before his tongue requests permission.  But in the end, I’m not willing to deny myself, I open, allowing his familiar tongue to roam around my mouth and mingle with mine.  The kiss feels safe and warm, like home.  Ever since that fateful plane ride, I’ve felt as if Trey was a part of me.  Recalling our first kiss; it was nothing like this.  God! He ignited my whole body the first time his mouth pressed against mine.  In those three minutes, he ruined me.  No man would ever compare.  But this, this is what I crave at night when I lay in bed all alone. It’s the familiarity of the one man who knows my lips, my tongue, and my body. My need of one man who continues to enjoy exploring every curve and nuance over and over again, as if he has discovered his own wonderland. When my thoughts unscramble, my lips and tongue are moving carelessly without retention of the real issue.
“Stop it, Trey.” This time, I use all my force to push him back. I’m torn if I’m happy, mad, or just sad. Sheer dejection fills his eyes, and suddenly remorse hits me.  “We just can’t,” I softly say, shaking my head back and forth.
“Yes, we can,” he says, stepping forward, but I shake my head violently again. “What the hell, Kailey? All I want to do is love you,” his voice starts escalating, and I need to flee the room.  His presence alone makes me jittery and uncontrolled. The sooner I leave, the sooner I can get myself stable again, back into my sealed bubble.
“I told you already, Trey.” I bite my lip, not wanting to lie again, but I will, if I have to.
“Don’t tell me that bullshit again.  You and I both know it isn’t true.” He steps closer to me, and my weakness begins getting the best of me.
“Please, I need to get back out there,” I tell him, but he approaches again, pulling me to him similar to a child with their security blanket.  I succumb to the haven of his embrace, mindlessly relishing the warmness of home.
“Kailey, it’s taking everything in me not to keep you right here, up against this door, until you admit you love me. I’ll let you leave this room, but don’t say you don’t love me again.  I know you do, and no matter how hard you try to push me aside, I’m not leaving.” He releases me after his rant, and I unlock the door, fleeing the room.

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