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Underestimated Too by Jettie Woodruff blog tour with giveaway and review

Title: Underestimated Too
Author: Jettie Woodruff
Genre: Adult Romance
Publication Date: March 15

WARNING. This book contains: explicit sex scenes (some forced, some not), intense situations not meant for the faint of heart, abuse, adult language and content.

Money is not the most important thing in the world. Love is, so they say anyway. Fortunately, Drew loves money. He wasn’t capable of loving anything else. The more money he made, the more he needed to make. Always chasing a deal, that was the most important thing in the world to him.

You rode Morgan’s side of the tracks. Now ride Drew’s. You know the things she went through, things nobody should go through. Is Drew sorry for his part in that? Probably not. He’s not sure things would have turned out the way they did had he been the cute little husband the critics expected him to be. He did do things that hurt her, and regretted a lot of his choices, but tortured himself, wanting to do them still.

You think you know Drew? You don’t know squat. You know what his wife has told you. She couldn’t tell you more than that, she doesn’t know that part of Drew. You want a sappy cliché romance? Move on, this isn’t the story for you. You want all the gruesome details? Stick around, and then you can judge Drew.

We were both so excited to hear there was going to be a book 2 in this series, especially when it was going to be told in Drew’s POV. Once we started we were a little shocked to see that it was in fact, not told in Drew’s POV but in Morgan's. We do hear more from Drew but I (kristy) think this would have been a much better read if it was told in a dual POV. 

Drew Kelley stole our hearts in Underestimated, we definitely had times where we wanted to reach through the book and tear him a new one but eventually he stole our hearts. After getting a few chapters in we were pissed. We wanted old Drew back, the one we fell in love with, NOT this controlling, violent, hurtful Drew.

After Nicky was born problems start occurring in their marriage Morgan decides on couples counseling, in hopes of getting their marriage back on track. Drew does not believe that this is what they need; he believes involving someone else will not help. Upon meeting Deidra, he is put in his place and knows that she won’t take shit from anyone.

Attending these sessions every Thursday, where most of the book is based around, Drew and Morgan are finding things out about each other they never thought they would.  We learn of his childhood, his parents, his upbringing and how he became such a vital part of the Callaway Jewells family.  We won’t hold back here, their relationship in no other words is, fucked up. He has such a tight reign over Morgan, her whereabouts, where she goes, and who she is with that their closest friends are beginning to realise who Drew really is.

“You think he controls me too much,” I stated more then asked.
 “ No. I think he’s a dictator.”
 “He is not. I make my own decidions,” I argued, telling a complete lie.
“Sure you do. Just like the other night when I wanted to help set up a facebook page. I thought he was going to have heart failure.

“I’m an imperfect man, and I’ve made my wife an imperfect woman. We’re just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other. She will forever be my always.”

Drew’s past is an eye opener, he has been through more than most and after peeling back layers in counseling his anger heightens and  Morgan is on the receiving end of it. After one of his outbursts Drew realises what it’s going to take to get their marriage where it should be.  He doesn’t want Morgan to deal with him, what he wants is to be better. Not to lash out, and have her accept his way.

“Drew did love me. I know Drew loved me. He loved me the only way he knew how. And as repulsive as it sounds. I’d take it.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book.  I love Jettie's work and am looking forward to her next book.  4 solid stars.

Excerpt #1:

“You coming soon? The photographer will be here any minute. Do you really want me to dress Nicholas for this?”
“No way, we’re leaving now… Drew?”
“The moving guys left two boxes of papers here for me. Should I bring them home for you?”
“No, I’ll send Celeste after them tomorrow. Come home. Nicky will be awake soon.”
“Okay, but you just called him Nicky again.”
“You don’t have to point it out every time I do it.”
“Yes I do. I’ll see you in a few. I have to run Alicia home first.”
“You should stop and get us some beer. We’ll float around the pool naked after Marta leaves and NICHOLAS goes to bed.”

Writing is more than a passion for me. I write adult books, romance and erotica. I did recently try my hand at a young adult romance, but because of the gutter that my mind seems to fall into. It quickly went into rated R mode. I reside in Ohio. I love living in Ohio, except maybe the cold winters, and the snow, well maybe the hot summers too. Ah hell, I hate Ohio.

I love to push my limits in writing, fuel the senses and emotions of my readers. I have some great supporters and love them all dearly.

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