Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Likeness Within by Amanda Bennett Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal for The Likeness Within by Amanda Bennett
         I’m not your ordinary twenty year old. I’m the last of my kind on this earth, and I’ve spent every minute of every day for the last hundred years, trying to find someone, anyone, who is like me. My search has taken me far and wide, but I always end up back here, in my own personal hell. Every time I think one of my kind has returned for me, I am sadly mistaken. But this time, all I see is her.
I need her in a way that is beyond words, and I want her even more. Not because of what she could do for me, but because my absent beating heart longs for her. I want to know her, to touch her, and to make her mine, but she’s human…and…I am not.

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