Monday, March 31, 2014

Interview with the crew from Tijan's Fallen Crest Series!!!

        Fallen Crest High has a new cover!!!!

We were so excited when Tijan offered us the opportunity to not only reveal

the gorgeous new cover to Fallen Crest High, but to sit down with the Kade 

brothers (squeeee) and Sam to do an interview.  I's the Kade boys...i 

didn't know that i would be able to control myself while sitting in the same room 

as them!


Hey guys, and Sam! Thank you so much for taking the time to come hang out
with us today!  I really cant believe we are actually sitting here with the Kade

brothers. I mean, you guys are a pretty big deal around town, as are you

Sam. I hope you dont mind us harassing you  guys with some questions...

Inquiring minds want to know and all that ...

SixChicks: Mason,we know you didn't do "love" before Sam.  What was so different about her that made you want to try?

Mason shrugs and leans back in his chair. "Sam's strong and loyal. She's amazing." A faint grin teases his lips before it disappears. "You don't try at love. You're either in love or you're not."

SixChicks: Sam, you and Mason have so much love and chemistry with one another. What's the one thing you love most about Mason? 

He knows me, inside and out. I don't think people know that, but he does.
SixChicks: Logan, how did you feel when your brother and Sam started hooking up?  Did you think their relationship would lead to where it is today?

He shrugs and grins. "No bother. Those two are meant for each other."

SixChicks: Mason, you and Logan seem to have a bond like no other.  Has it always been that way between the two of you?

"Yea, its always been me and him in a shitty world when adults act like children.

SixChicks: Mason if you knew that Logan had feelings for Sam would you still have pursued her?

Mason's lips pressed together firmly. "we are family and that is all im going to say about that.

SixChicks:  Logan, you seemed to get very jealous when Nate and Mason started spending alot more time together.  Did you feel that way about Sam and Mason when they became a couple, like your relationship with Mason had taken a backseat?

"Nah, that's completely different.   I can't explain it, but it is.  Im still family with them."

SixChicks: Mason, how are you liking college life, being away from Sam and Logan?

"It's different.  I miss them.  But being away from Fallen Crest feels good.

SixChicks: Logan, how have things been for you since Mason started college? Do you miss having him around all the time?

"Oh yeah.  It's different.  Sometimes it's alright, but yeah, I miss him."

SixChicks: Sam, how are you holding up with Mason gone?  Do you ever worry he is going to have wondering eyes?

"Life's different with him gone." A look of pain flashes in her gaze before she pushed it away. Then she lifts a shoulder and lets it fall. "I'll be glad when this year is done."

SixChicks: Sam, we've seen you grow with everything that has happened, from your parents divorcing, moving into the Kade mansion, finding out your father isn't your birth father, your mom going crazy. Do you think with all this that has happened it has turned you into a stronger, more confident girl?

"Oh god yeah. I was a nobody before Mason and Logan came into my life. My relationship with Jeff had been terrible for a whole year before we finally ended it and I had two horrible friends. Yes, I'm way more confident now."

SixChicks: Mason, we imagine that Annalise is a sore subject for you all but i need to do you tolerate her and what are your thoughts on her relationship with your father knowing how she has treated Sam?

"I don't tolerate Analise, I just avoid her now. She's a gnat that won't go away. My thoughts on my dad and their relationship? He's a fool and I won't support that."

SixChicks: Sam, Malinda has been a blessing in disguise, how has it been adjusting to life having a mother figure who genuinely cares about you? And accepting of your relationship with Logan and Mason?

"Malinda's amazing. She's what a mom should be, in my opinion." A small tear comes to her eyes. "She's been amazing."

SixChicks: Learning that Sam had been injured was scary for all of us. What was running through your head when you learned she was injured?

He freezes for a moment then visibly swallows. "I just had to get to her. That's all I was focusing on at that moment. I just had to get to her. He looks away.

SixChicks: Sorry to bring up rough times guys. How about I lighten it up for you. Logan, you might be one of the funniest guys i've come across yet. Does that mouth of yours ever get you into to much trouble?

He laughs at me!!!!! "Seriously? Haven't you read the books? I get into trouble all of the time because of my mouth!" Logan 1 SixChicks 0

SixChicks: I guess that was a pretty ridiculous question considering who i'm talking to. How about this one Mr. Comedian. What do you look for in your ideal woman?

He groans. "Everyone's asking me this. Hot. kickass. She won't take any bullshit from me. Smart." He grins. "I don't think I've said that before, but she's gotta be smart. Dumb girls are boring."

SixChicks: "Sam, do you" We are being interrupted by someone knocking on the door. Excuse me guys, let me see who that is.

"Oh my god, what are you doing here?" Tate comes walking in a takes a seat across from Sam and the guys.

SixChicks: Tate, this was quite the unexpected surprise. Thank you for joining us. There are plenty of questions we want answers to so i'm just going to be blunt. Did you ever really love Logan?

She sits upright. Her shoulders are back. Her head is up and she looks straight at me. "Yes."

SixChicks: Well then, what in the world would make you try to sleep with Mason? One Kade brother wasnt enough? Was it so you could gloat about being with both of them?

Her gaze is lidded and she glances down at her lap for a moment, but looks back up. "I was an idiot back then. I wanted more. I wanted the best and Mason's the best. Again," she pauses, swallows. "I was an idiot. I messed up a good thing. I know I did."

SixChicks: Well, at least you can acknowledge that you made a mistake. What about Kate, were you expecting just a frosty reception from her when you returned to Fallen Crest?

She laughs. "No, Kate got worse since I was gone, but I wasn't really surprised after I thought about it. She had always been power hungry back then. If I had stayed, I think her and I would've had it out. I wouldn't have taken her shit."

SixChicks: Speaking of Kate, Logan,was it satisfying getting revenge on Kate for what she did to Sam?

"Revenge is only satisfying for so long. She was handled." A hard look enters his gaze. "That's good enough for me."      

SixChicks: Tate,why the change of heart and help Sam when your so called friends were bullying her?

"I didn't do that for Sam." She snorts. "Hell no. I did that for Heather. I was trying to mend that friendship. Heather's one in a million and I hurt her too, long time ago."

SixChicks: Ahhh, for Heather. Sam, do you think your protective instincts with Heather have come out more from being with Mason and Logan?

"Yeah and she's a good friend to keep. You only get so many good ones in a life. So far, she's been the best one since Mason and Logan. I want to keep that friendship."

SixChicks: I have one more question for you Tate. What made you decide to come back to Fallen Crest because I cant help but to think that you have an ulterior motive....

"I came back because I had to. My parents shipped me back to Fallen Crest while my dad tried to get a new job, but yeah, I had another agenda. I wanted to get Logan back. I hoped that would've happened and I could make up for what I did wrong, but as you know...that didn't happen. It didn't take me long to realize that he would never love me again and that's on me, like I said before. I messed that relationship up."

SixChicks: Well, it sounds like you guys have a lot going on and issues to work past. Looks pointedly at Tate. I want to thank you all for coming to hang out with us. It was so awesome to meet you guys! I am very much looking forward to seeing what life has in store for you all. Until next time....