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For us Mitchell lovers, when we (Kayla & Kristy) found out J4 was writing Noah's books we were very excited. Noah Mitchell is all grown up! He's just like his daddy, dark hair and green eyes. You Colt lovers are going to be swooning for Noah. We are both team Colt and Noah takes after his father. He will have you swooning).

Working on the ranch just isn't cutting it for Noah, it's all he's ever known but working with his dad is wearing thin and wondering if there is more out there, something else he could do or experience is never far from his thoughts. When his cousin Isabella (Bells) comes running to him again with another boy problem he is there to help her through her crisis. Noah and Bells have been close their whole lives and as adults there bond is stronger than ever. 

When the Mitchell-Healy family all get together these days it's a huge gathering, getting together on the Mitchell ranch for a surprise party turns out to be very eventful...

"Uncle Ty was a crazy man. Growing up he’d taught me how to be funny, mischievous, and also that no matter what I did, there’d be a time to grow up and be responsible."

Colt’s mischievous cousins are exactly like their father Ty. With the bad mood Noah is in, this was the icing on the cake. After the twins were caught picking on his younger sister Christian, he comes up with a plan to get them back. Colt is not happy with Noah's actions and has words with him. Noah has had it and is now at boiling point. After yet another conversation and choice words Noah finally stands up to Colt and tells him what's been on his mind. 

Colt has always been a hard man but always with the best intentions for his kids. His family is his life, nothing is more important. Noah's words have pushed him too far and he's told Noah to leave. While it breaks his heart to watch his mother, Savannah breaks down, he is determined to go and find a life for himself. Not sure where he is going, he starts driving until he sees a remote bar for a beer and a meal. 

Sitting down for a meal and a few relaxing drinks turns into having shots, he notices the bartender in baggy clothes and a baseball cap hiding her face from his view. He can't help but watch her. 

“Here you go. Two shots of whiskey.”
I looked down and noticed that there were three. “Um, there’s an extra one here.”
“Oh that one’s for me.” She picked it up and held it out in front of me. “Here’s to assholes that hold us back from our dreams.”
I almost spit the whiskey across the room. Her toast hit so close to home, but I knew she couldn’t possibly know what I was going through."

Shalan has been dealt a shitty hand in life, her father is nonexistent and a dick since her mother died. Fed up and no longer wanting to put up with her jerk of a father she connected with an uncle she didn't know she had. Working at her uncle’s bar on the anniversary of her mother’s death she is left to close the bar by herself. It's not the best night for Shalan her douche boyfriend hasn't returned any of her calls or been to see how she is and she's stuck closing the bar. 

Her night isn't so bad when in walks a tall dark gorgeous stranger with the most amazing eyes. 

"I approached the customer and noticed that his eyes were drooping. Where he’d worn a frown before was now replaced with a cool smile. His white teeth were perfect, and I almost wondered if they were fake. Though he was wearing a hat, I could tell he had thick dark hair. Then there was those eyes. My god, I’d never seen green eyes like his before. “You comin’ over for another round, darlin’?”
His words…
That accent…"

No man had ever made her feel the way this stranger had, not even her sorry excuse of a boyfriend. 

Closing up and ready to head home her car doesn't start and she relies on this stranger for help. Driving his truck home she notices two familiar cars out in a deserted carpark. Opening the door to the car that she is familiar with, she finds her boyfriend and best friend in the throws. Hurt and pissed off she seeks revenge. Once again this stranger is at her side and offering to help. Little does she know this stranger she now knows as Noah Mitchell is about to help her in more ways than one...  

Noah and Shalan end up in NYC sitting in a hotel having dinner and drinks chatting like old friends. Before Shalan knows it she hears a voice singing she just can't look away from, It's Noah, she is up next singing karaoke. Blown away by her beautiful voice Noah is captivated by her. Shalan’s dreams are about to become a reality.
Watching and seeing Shalan sing on stage is a huge turn on for Noah the sexual chemistry is hot!

When Shalan finally gives into the temptation and sexy banter she is blown away. Noah's cocky comments weren't cocky at all every comment was true. Shalan is starting for fall for this caring and attentive man, no man has ever treated her the way that Noah has. All this is about to change after Noah receives a phone call from home and Shalan sees a side of Noah that scares her. 

Noah is torn, missing his family and life on the ranch, but the thought of not seeing Shalan again is making him feel things he's never felt before. When an opportunity knocks will he accept it? Or is his life on the ranch and his family more important than spreading his own wings and finding another path?

“Whatever. Just know, you ain’t gettin’ into my pants on this trip. I’m tryin’ to get focused and pussy will just mess me up.”
“Did you really just say that?” She looked appalled.
“Yeah. I know how women look at me. Stop actin’ like you’re so shocked. It’s human nature. It’s like how you were given a beautiful voice. I was given this face. Don’t act like you haven’t noticed.” I was cocky. Some may say that I was being an asshole. 

While Noah loves spending time with Shalan his family always comes first and he heads back to the ranch leaving Shalan to question everything they've been through in such a short time. 

With their lives going in separate directions it's time to let go of one another, letting go of something that felt so right isn't that easy!

With Shalan’s dreams becoming a reality she pours herself into her work in NYC. Back on the ranch Noah is dealing with Bells and his parents, being away from home really puts things into perspective. 

"My mother walked over and put her hands on my dad’s shoulders. He reached up and touched one of them, turning to give her a reassuring smile. “It’s fine, darlin’.”
When he called her that it made me think of Shalan. At first she’d hated when I called her that, but I’d learned it from my father. He’d always called my mom that, out of respect and love".

Picking up the phone and taking a chance Noah calls Shalan, even on the phone the chemistry between these two will leave you needing a cold shower!  Worlds apart the two know remain friends with benefits both knowing deep down there is more to their relationship. How can they ever be a couple when she is in NYC living a jet setting life while Noah is living life on the ranch?
When Shalan comes out to the Mitchell Family ranch she is blown away, this isn't some farm it's almost a little town. Shalan loves life on the ranch as well as Noah's family.

Kayla- I was smitten with how Noah showed his affection to Shalan.

“I can’t get you out of my head, darlin’. The more I’m with you, the more I want.”

Will their lives that are so different keep them apart. Could Shalan have the life she wants both ways, her singing career and the love of the simple life, not only simple but the large family life that he has to offer, the one thing Shalan has always wanted and never had. 

Kristy - l loved these words spoken from Savannah to Shalan referring to Noah. "When our family loves, we love big, and we love forever.”

Noah is the first installment of the Mitchelle-Healy Series and what a way to start a new series. This was an amazing story of two lost souls falling in love, one offering what the other had always wanted. We cannot wait for the next book “Isabella” coming Summer 2014. Bravo Jenn on another amazing book.

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