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JR Grant Author Spotlight

Shattered Promises
JR Grant
May 3, 2014
New Adult/Contemporary Romance

In a perfect world, Lani Foster had it all; wonderful, supportive parents, two adorable little boys, an amazing husband whom she loved fiercely, and an unbreakable bond with her best friend, Parker, no one can tear apart.

But Lani never realized being happy would cost her years of pain, until tragedy strikes the Foster family, leaving her left hanging by a thread, questioning 
everything around her.

Lies are exposed and secrets are brought to surface, destroying the one person 
who just wanted to feel loved, to be happy.

What do you do when you find out your marriage was nothing but a lie? Do you stand by the one person who abolishes your world? Or do you let go, and leave everything behind to start all over again.

Shattered Promises is about learning how to survive after the storm pulls you away. Everyone deserves a chance to be happy, it's finding the special one to stand by your side through the rain.

“I have one tiny piece of my heart left,” I whisper as I close my eyes, not believing this is really happening. “One tiny piece, and I’m handing it over to you. Just, please….please be gentle with it. Because if something were to happen between us, God, I’ll be done. I’ll have nothing left. Losing you will destr-….. ” Before I’m able to finish, he leans in, grabbing the back of my neck, and kisses me.
His teeth softly tug at my bottom lip, forcing my mouth open.
A faint moan escapes my lips the second I feel his tongue invade me.
Gripping my waist, he lifts me up, and his hands move to the back of my thighs, holding me in place. Without breaking contact from our kiss, he carries me into the bedroom and lays me down on the bed, staying directly on top of me.
“I’ve waited a lifetime to hear you say those words. You’re it for me, princess. You’re all I’ll ever need.” Nibbling on my neck, then back up to my ear, he pushes up on his elbows and hits me with that sexy as hell smile.
“When you’re sad, I’ll be the one to cheer you up. When the world disappoints you, I’ll protect you and hold you close to my heart. I refuse to let anyone hurt you or take advantage of you again.”
Tears slowly drip from the corners of my eyes, except this time, it’s not caused from pain. For once in my life I am happy, pushing the past behind me.
“When you need to cry, it’ll be my arms that hold you. You’ll never feel alone again.” Lifting my shirt, he keeps his eyes trained on mine and continues speaking.
“I’ll worship the ground you walk on, take care of you, and love you until the end of time. You were made for me, Lani Renee’.
The feel of his lips run back across my mouth and I hold him there, refusing to let go. Unclasping my bra, his callused fingers rub over top of my nipple, forcing me to squirm, while his other hand inches underneath my cotton shorts, heading directly to my aching spot.
“I’m going to show you what it feels like to be cherished, to feel loved. And after tonight, you’re mine. I’m never letting you go.”
I’m scared he’s going to hurt me once this is over. I don’t think I could ever go through another heartache. But instead of running like I’ve always done, I decide not to let fear control me any longer. Tonight is about new beginnings, it’s about starting over. And tonight, I’m going to see what it feels like to let him love me.

My 5 Star Review
Shattered Promises is the debut novel of JR Grant, and what a debut. Shattered Promises is told in dual POV and in past and present tense, This book pulls at your heart, our emotions were in all over the place. We really felt for Lani and just wanted hug her.

Lani Williams has loved Kade Foster since she was 12. She is a stay at home mum with two kids and from the outside she has a perfect life. Things aren't always what they seem and life is never perfect...

"I’m the one who fixes everything in our home. I’m the wife, the mom, the healer, the protector"

One night her best friend Parker knocks on her door with some devastating news. Rushing off to be by Kade's side not knowing what she is going to see or have to deal with, Lani breaks down. 
If life wasn't bad enough dealing with Kade in hospital it's about to get a whole lot worse. Slowly she starts finding this out that she never k new. Is Kade the husband she thought he was? Sureley he couldn’t or wouldn't have done these things.

Lani's life is about to be shattered when all Kade's secrets are starting to be exposed. 

"The hurt in me was so visible. My crushed soul was extremely evident. And each day that I wake up, the perpetual pain continues sucking me dry. I just want to be happy. I just want to be free"

Parker and Lani have been best friends since before they could walk or talk. Growing up as neighbours they have gotten older and their friendship has only become stronger. The one girl he has always truly loved was right in front of him all his life, but she was too blind to see it and was in love with another man. Not game enough to speak up as kids he lost the one girl he loved to his other best friend. Over the years Parker has moved on but has been through hell and back with the women he loved and made a life with. Unfortunately Parker has had his share of the shit stick thanks to his ex. 

Parker and Lani have been each other's rock over the last few years even more so over the last few months. Looking after things while Lani looks after Kade he starts discovering Kade's secrets, these secrets are going to break Lani and that's one thing he can't bear to see, Lani is his whole life. Does he tell her and risk breaking her even more? Or does he continue to search and find out what Kade is really hiding? 

Shits about to get real when Kade's secrets start unravelling. The man Lani was once so sickly in love with is no longer that man, how can a man treat her this way if he loved her? When actions and words finally hit home it's now or never, she needs to do what is right for not only her but her kids as well. Making these decisions is not exactly easy, when Lani's anxiety and depression become to much she is hanging on by a thread. 

"For once in my life, I just want to be loved. I thought my husband loved me, I thought I was his one and only, his pride and joy. But I was wrong, dead wrong. And now because of my stupidity and blindness, every ounce of hope I had left within me is demolished"

Parker has always been there for Lani, throughout her whole life and now when she is broken and in pieces is when she really needs him the most. What Lani doesn't know is Parker would do anything to protect her, he loves her with everything he has telling her is far from easy when they've had a life long friendship...

"I know it hurts, Princess. I feel like I’ve just been stabbed in the chest myself. But we’ve got each other now, I know you’re all I need. Just hold onto me, Lani. I’ll catch your every fall"

Can Lani pull herself together and put the pieces of her life back? Could Lani open herself up to love again? could she have a HEA or are the secrets she's learnt to much and leave her heart shattered?

Bravo JR Grant on your debut novel. What and amazingly beautiful story. One that took us on a journey of love, loss, hope and wanting more. We can’t wait to see what you have up next.


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