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UNBREAKABLE by Gigi Aceves blog tour with review and giveaway


Jake Oliver, a typical guy, never expected to fall in love with his best friend’s girl. Jake learned to love her from a far, he watched her constantly and supported her endlessly.
Trish Wilson thought she found the love of her life in Dylan, until tragedy struck and fate decided for her when Dylan died in Afghanistan. Will she survive and get over her fear to love again? Will she find her one? Will her heart ever truly heal?

The tragedy that caused them great sadness also brought them together. Jake’s love for Trish gave her the strength to overcome her fear to love again, while Trish’s love pushed Jake past his guilt. However, when your soul mate’s life is at stake, will they fold in fear or stand their ground? Will they fight to live or prepare to give up? Will they allow fear to break them or will they let love make them UNBREAKABLE.

“Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him.
And a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12 

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I finished this book 2 days ago, and i still cant seem to get my emotions in check. Jake and Trish have taken up residence in my head and heart and they probably wont be leaving anytime soon.

When Gigi asked if I would be willing to read her book i thought sure, why not? I didn't know what to expect, but i certainly wasn't expecting to have my mind blown by a new author with her debut novel. I still don't think that there are enough words to say that will do justice to the beauty of the story that Gigi has created. 5 stars just doesn't seem to be enough. Books like Unbreakable are the reason that I love to read.

For me, when an author can provoke so many emotions in a reader, and make a reader feel as though they are right there by the characters side, that's what makes a good story. And this novel had my emotions all over the place. There were times when the silly banter between the group of friends had me laughing out loud and in the blink of an eye, that laughter turned into ugly crying. Yes, you will need tissues....and lots of them.

Trish Wilson's boyfriend Dylan died in Afghanistan while serving his country. His death, coupled with the passing of her father in the same year, left her broken hearted and afraid to love again. Jake Oliver was Dylan's best friend. He's always had a thing Trish but he stayed away out of respect for Dylan. When Dylan was killed, Jake stepped up to the plate and became her source of comfort. It was a tragedy that brought them together, will it be a tragedy that tears them apart?

This story is so beautifully written. The characters are so unique in their own ways and well developed. I felt as though i was right there with them with each page I turned. The plot is thought out and it is apparent that a lot of thought and research went into several aspects of this book. To say I am impressed is an understatement. BUt what I loved most in this book is the message that I walked away with: A little bit of love, faith, and prayer can go a long way if you just believe.

I cant recommend this book enough and you can be sure that I will be stalking Gigi for more books. A top 5 of 2014 for me without a doubt. Simply put, it's brilliant. Well done Gigi!



“Trish, aren’t you going to sit down?  Sorry, you can’t get close to our boy, here,” Cody goads me, slapping Jake’s shoulder.
“That’s okay, Cody. I don’t have to be close to him to get a hard reaction.”  Putting emphasis on ‘hard’ as I smirk at him.
Without warning, the three boys take their shirts off, and I just about pass out. Well, Tami and Roxy included.  I blank out for a while, not knowing what to do next.  Damn, I didn’t think of this.  Jake is now shirtless in front of me, my traitorous eyes instantly roam to his chest, hard abs, broad shoulders and back to his chest.  Holy crap!
“Cat got your tongues, ladies?” Cody chuckles.
Oh no, no cat’s got my tongue! I’m thinking more like my warm tongue wrapping around his hard pulsing dick! Shit! I hate giving head, but my crazed-self strikes again! Best idea…ever!
Jake never makes eye contact, in fact, he’s busy eating his food and talking to Brian about some shit I can’t even understand, because at the moment, my mind is not working properly.  Roxy gives me that you-better-do-something look, and that’s all it takes for me to go into action mode.
Roxy stands up and tells me to sit down right in front of Jake, while she takes the seat next to me. This is perfect for what I have in mind.  I show Roxy the banana I’m holding under the table, and she gives me a small nod and smile.  I start peeling the banana, even before she gives me my signal to start Operation Payback.  Right on cue, she gives me the opening I need.
“Trish, you’re not going to eat?” She asks innocently.
“Nah, I don’t feel too well,” I say.
Jake looks at me with concern in his eyes, and what perfect timing. He falls for it, hook, line and sucker! I put the banana very slowly in my mouth, pushing it as far as I could and pulling it out ever so slowly, biting the tip off.  I’m looking at Jake the whole time; his reaction is priceless. It takes everything in me, not to laugh.  Even the boys are silent; Cody is speechless for a change.  Three point shot right here…bam!
“What’s wrong boys, cat got your tongues?” Roxy hollers.
“Trish, put the banana down!” Jake exclaims.
“I want to eat it! What’s wrong with you? Do you want it?” I ask arching my brow.
“Jake, pull your pants down, man! She’s playing dirty! Show her the power drill!” Cody says, trying to coax Jake.
  He ignores Cody, since he and I are in a stare down duel, his slightly narrowed eyes locks on mine and his jaw is twitching.  I now have in front of me, a very frustrated Jake, who in my estimation is ready to blow a gasket anytime.

I’m a middle child, and no, I don’t suffer from the middle child syndrome. According to my parents, I’m the craziest, and I think, my husband and children agree with them.

Besides the births of my two children, my husband’s successful transplant is one of the most memorable moments of my crazy life! After dealing with two bouts of cancer, my husband served as an inspiration to me and my children. I’m privileged to be married and go on this crazy ride, we call life, with a man who doesn’t know the meaning of giving up.

I’m known as The Crazy Cat Lady, in the Wanted World. Am I crazy? Well, the jury is still out on that one, but I’d like to think I can make one person smile with my craziness.



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